Analysis, organization and responsibility


Willi Richard Brombacher has a long term professional experience in the field of façade engineering | consultancy at higher and highest responsibility level,
as a member of Executive-Teams in different professional and cultural context,
focused on Organization | Reorganization and Engineering | Reengineering of projects and / or branches.

The purpose of his successful activity as Interim Manager | Interim Director of large façade projects or façade projects with higher and highest complexity is the technical and economic assurance of success.

To get this aim needed changes will be thought through, focused onto sustainability, employees and teams will be shaped and challenged, motivated and structured.

The purpose of his successful activity as an enthusiastic engineer and consultant is
the development of smart and intelligent façade systems, following the architectural design intent,
to guarantee the implementation of the agreed quality during planning, fabrication, installation and
 the comprehensive and substantiated guidance ab initio.

A back office of two experienced construction teams (Germany and Asia),
two structural engineers (Nuremberg and London) and
a building physicist (Germany) support him.